Scarpa Boostic Climbing Shoe - SS22 - Black / Blue - mens - 43

Scarpa Boostic Climbing Shoe The new Boostic is designed for technical face climbing where support for continuous micro edging is crucial. The asymmetrical and downturned shape with a medium-to-high angled toe box is combined with a curved piece of Flexan for unrivalled edging performance. Multi-Panel Microfiber Upper Constructed using a multi-panel microfiber upper with an Alcantara big toe panel, the Boostic features the best custom moulding fit. M50 is Scarpa's softest rubber compound and offers the best levels of adaptability to the natural curves of the foot and toes. This morphing rubber compound gives a Shore A rating of 50, making it perfect for use in the SRT system, toe patches and strategic positioning around the shoe upper. A high-stretch gusset allows easy on and off and the twin strap closure system provides support. A PAF System helps to spread the force of the heel tension whilst increasing the fit of the heel. This innovative heel system also helps with the over-compression of the toe box. The aggressive tension-rubber is interrupted behind the heel to reduce pressure on the Achilles tendon and connected with softer rubber that works like a bridge to adapt to the shape of the heel. The holes on the side of the heel indicate the tension applied. This varies between one hole for light tension, two holes for mid tension and three holes for strong tension. Flexan Midsole The midsole of the Boostic Climbing Shoes is low in profile to save on weight and increase underfoot feel. The Flexan midsole is 1.0mm thick to ensure a level of support that doesn't compromise on sensitivity. The midsole spreads the force in the forefoot and allows for excellent flexibility in the rear of the shoe so you can edge into the smallest crevices with the confidence you can get back out again. The Boostic is moderately downturned to allow your feet to form a position that's best for climbing. The DTS active randing system provides tension in two different strengths on either side of the foot and adapts perfectly to the dynamics of the foot in motion. This torque helps drive power towards the big toe and further enhances the asymmetrical shape keeping the foot and toe in the optimal position for power transfer and precision. Vibram Outsole Develeoped using a Vibram XS Edge Outsole with added arch support, the Boostic Climbing Shoes ensure maximum support and stability whether you're outdoor, indoor or lead climbing. This specialist outsole allows you to focus your weight on the tiniest of holds and keeps its shape in tough conditions. A truly robust outsole, the XS Edge can endure repeated abuse in hot and cold weather conditions giving you a shoe that can truly perform in all weather conditions. The outsole of the Boostic Climbing Shoes provides an optimal balance of performance and durability. Best suited for users with a medium foot width.

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